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Recently I’ve been using a webapp that required me to clear my cookies a lot. It got annoying to go in through Options and open the Cookies manager every time. I didn’t want a full-on cookie manager addon, so I did some searching for shortcuts, but didn’t have much luck.

Having done a little addon development in the past, I figured I should be able to use a chrome link to open the default Cookies window without having to go through the Options dialog. After a little experimenting, I found chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul is the URL you want to use. Cookies is a shortcut that you can drag to your toolbar or anywhere else convenient. This will simply open the “page” to the default Cookies interface. For security reasons, I don’t believe Firefox will allow chrome:// links to work from a webpage, but you can drag it from here to your UI for quick “installation”.

In the future, I may toss this into a simple icon that you can place on your toolbar, but that seems like a lot of work for something so simple. There may even be other “Options” addons that already do this (though I didn’t necessarily want a huge, feature-rich app for this).

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  1. 4 years on, this still works in FF 33.1 ! Exactly what I needed (as opposed to installing yet another add on). I couldn’t add it as a button in the toolbar, so I bookmarked it, as it basically is an internal link.


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