I’m finally switching over to 1and1’s DNS servers….

I’m finally switching over to 1and1’s DNS servers. This means that some of my _____.invisibill.net forwards won’t work, at least until I remake them, if I do. Everything on my site should work fine, but I did have some bookmarkish forwards set up, and I know I’ve posted some of them before. Most of them I haven’t used in forever anyway, but just be warned that if you’re using one of those, it will stop working soon. However, this means that my site will no longer be in the stupid forwarding frames. It won’t look any different, but it’s just one less thing to get in the way. For example, the example I posted on December 12 with the URL spoofing exploit should work right from here now. I’ve got the DNS changes made, now they just have to filter through the internet. For me, some are already working and some are still on the old server. invisibill.net works, but www.invisibill.net doesn’t yet. Just letting all my diehard fans (both of you) know what’s up in case things are acting funny.

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