It’s Pesonal Firewall Day! Head on over to…

It’s Pesonal Firewall Day! Head on over to and find out why you need a firewall. They neglect to mention Kerio Personal Firewall which is free for home users and has been my favorite for a while. They also mention anti-virus software. It’s related to PC security, but it’s still a totally different area. You can find links to updates for the most common AV programs as well as a few free options and online scanners at The online scanners aren’t the most handy, but they can be useful if you suspect some problem with the AV program you have installed on your PC.

If you are a computer expert, share your knowledge with those around you! A safe Internet is everyone’s right and responsibility.

By keeping your system secure, you’re not only avoiding problems yourself, but you’re also preventing the spread of problems to other people. If everyone had a properly configured firewall and updated AV software, most of the huge internet worm infestations wouldn’t have even happened. Keeping up with system patches would lower that count even more.

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