Tribes1 and Tribes2 released for free

I never really got into them, but the price is right. =) They are/were very popular in some groups, and being a few years old now, Tribes2 should even run on mediocre (by today’s standards) PCs. is the BitTorrent for Tribes1. See for more info. is the BitTorrent for Tribes2. See for more info.

If you haven’t heard of BitTorrent, check out the intro for a brief explanation. Basically, each downloader also shares the file to other downloaders. Rather than having one server acting as the sole source, the clients can each download different parts of the file from different sources. Let’s say a server has a file available that takes 100 minutes to download. With BitTorrent, 10 users could each download 1/10 of the file in 10 minutes. After everyone has downloaded for 10 minutes, there’s now a whole second copy of the file available on the network. The original server could die then, and everyone could still get the file. This is a great way to spread download traffic off one central server. The only problem is that setting up a file to be distributed via BitTorrent isn’t as easy as just plopping the file on a server somewhere. Which is another one of my great ideas that will probably never get anywhere: an all-in-one system where the owner of the server can just plop a file in a directory, and the BitTorrent server program would automatically take care of all the other related stuff.

Since there’s still over an hour wait to download the files from FilePlanet, I’m sure they appreciate me giving a little bit of my bandwidth to help out their overloaded servers. Do your part to help, and don’t use FilePlanet’s servers. =)

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