You get what you pay for…

I recently tried one of those sites where they give you something free, but you have to click through a bunch of ads (full of junk you’re supposed to sign up for). Luckily I have the ability to use aliases with my mail account, so all the junk that I’m getting that I didn’t sign up for is easily identified. I’ve tried unsubcribing from every email I’ve gotten, to no avail. I don’t care if that just confirms the address or signs me up for more junk, because it’s a throwaway alias. It’ll just make it easier to identify the spam. They should really watch who they pick on…

So anyway, they obviously have absolutely no regard for my wishes. I’m not trying to advocate doing anything illegal, but here’s the info if you want to let them know how you feel or something.

Yours to count on,
David Wroblicky
Casselberry, Fl
407-695-0235 ( Reverse Lookup)
407-463-7130 is the link to’s BBB info page. It lists as the address of Gary Walker, Vice President, in case you need to contact him for anything.

I hope that was useful to someone.

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