Gabe, where are you?

To anyone who knows Gabe Smith and hasn’t heard yet, he’s been missing for a few days. A bunch of people are currently looking for him, but he seems to have vanished. They haven’t found any leads, but they also haven’t found any bad news either. If you know anything about where Gabe is, please share the info.

9&10 News – Search For Missing Ludington Man
9&10 News – Searchers Look for Gabe Smith 3 Days After He Vanished (Video)
LDN – Ludington man reported missing
WZZM13 – Ludington police search for missing man

MISSING: Gabe Smith, Ludington, MI

Gabe, you better come back with a tan and some good stories!

Couple more LDN articles today (12/12)…
Search turns up no clues
Search for missing Ludington man turns up no clues

Another one (12/13)…
Ludington man still missing

Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett said rumors that Smith had been found are untrue and stressed that there was nothing new in the investigation as of this morning.

Police search water for missing man

Ice poses problem to divers, marine patrol searching for missing Ludington man

12/17 WOOD TV 8 finally decided to give Gabe some coverage…
Search expands for Ludington man

12/28 They’re still looking for him…
Search continues for Gabe Smith

Divers use sonar to search for Gabe Smith
Search continues for Gabe Smith


  1. Update from Annie (Gabe’s sister) Dec 11, 2007 8:45 AM

    Krista and I just made it back home at 5 this morning. We will be searching Ludington in the morning, so if anyone has the day off and would like to help call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or Krista’s at xxx-xxx-xxxx. All we know is that he was out and last seen leaving James Street Station heading east towards the police station Friday night after last call. He was last seen wearing dark pants, a cut off black t-shirt with a teal carhart coat and a baseball hat.

    (Contact me if you want either of their numbers, but I’d rather not post it here.)

  2. Update from Erica Dec 11, 2007 3:42 PM

    Not to much to report- NO he has not been found. The police organized a search party today to search the most logical area that Gabe would have gone on his way home Fri night. There were 11 teams with 3 or more people a team and each was designated their own area. Nothing turned up from the search. Several new people came at the end of the first search and new parties headed into another direction to continue the search through Ludington. If there is anyone with any new info regarding Gabe PLEASE call the ludington police station, 911 or silent observer. We are getting more and more worried as the snow is coming down harder and it’s getting colder. From what I understand since the police do not feel that there is foul play involved they will not actively continue the search after today. :( Soooo any help you can provide to the family I would call Annie directly-I know that she will be staying home now until her brother is found.

  3. Update from Annie Dec 11, 2007 6:53 PM

    Today many wonderful people went out and searched for my brother in the cold and snow for hours on end. My family would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of those who went and to all of those that have called or shown up concerned! We also appreciate those of you that have traveled far distances in this terrible weather to be a part of this! As of 5 pm this evening, nothing was found as to his whereabouts and the police have exhausted all of their leads. Our family, as well as the police department, are looking into the possibilities of scent dogs for later this week. If anyone has ANY information on where he might be or who he might have been with when he left the bar Friday night please contact the local police department or call my family at xxx-xxx-xxxx! God Bless all of you and please keep him in your prayers!

    *Also tomorrow morning, myself and a few other friends will continue searching Ludington hoping for some sort of sign that he is still here and alive. If anyone would like to help or has time available call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

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