1. 1456 became more “one with nature” thanks to a stupid deer. I can get the cladding (if it’s available) for $350, the grille is around $100 I think, plus headlight, paint, and anything else busted that I didn’t see in the dark last night.

  2. FYI, the orange thing is half of my parking light, the bigger flat thing is the back of the parking light, the little pieces are miscellaneous bits of grille, and the big piece in the upper right is a chunk of my wheel arch cladding. The white spots in the pics are the focus of the Maglite I was using for illumination.

  3. Your Firefox is broken. Works fine on regular and Portable for me…

    Went and got the police report yesterday and submitted the claim to my insurance. Hopefully I won’t have to fight them for a year to get them to cover it (properly). It does actually say “Syclone” on the insurance, so that should help.

  4. You have the option to take your vehicle to whichever repair facility you choose. If you do not have a shop in mind, may I recommend a shop that participates in our Direct Repair Shop program? Participating shops do not require that AAA inspect the vehicle before the repairs can be started. They will schedule a time for the inspection and start the repairs. When the repairs are completed, they will bill AAA directly, less your deductible. These shops will give you a three-year written warranty and AAA will guarantee the repairs as long as you own the vehicle. If you would like a listing of shops in your area please click on the link below and enter your city or zip code.

    If you already have a shop in mind and they are not a participating shop, an inspection is required. We have two scheduling options available. We can schedule an appointment at the AAA claim office most convenient for you, or we can have the adjuster inspect your vehicle at the repair facility. If you take your vehicle to the repair shop of your choice, you will need to leave the vehicle at the repair shop from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and inform AAA 24 hours prior to leaving vehicle at the shop. Please advise which option would work best for you.

    Waiting to hear back from Chris about the guy that did his Ty…

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