Anti-spyware program sues Symantec for labelling it as adware

Symantec labelled Spyware Nuker as a potentially damaging pieces of adware, which TrekEight/Trek8/TrekData/TrekBlue claims isn’t true and has cost them distributors and advertising.

Here’s what Spybot S&D has to say:

Heavily advertisement by spam (unsolisicited email advertisement); phoning home on program start; silently installing updates and content (meaning advertisement) into your system. Those applications may even come from third parties. No limitation is made about this ‘value-added’ content, meaning the license allows them to install any spyware into your system without your knowledge. In addition, using the program isn’t safe – LSP hijackers get removed, but the Winsock not fixed so you would loose your internet connections.

It looks like the program may not actually be spyware (depending on your exact definition), but it contains the mechanisms and licensing to do so. But regardless of that, it seems to do a poor job of being an anti-spyware program, so you shouldn’t be using it anyway. Stick with Spybot or Ad-Aware.

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