IE warning bar added

Another site update. I swiped some code from Ben Goodger an added a warning banner at the top for people using IE. It doesn’t interfere with the site’s operation, but it will show up.

Why? Because I’m sick of IE. It’s a simple fact that many of the cool features of CSS are going unused simply because IE has very limited and buggy support for even CSS1. Check out css/edge. His menu popups are pure HTML and CSS. Most of it is CSS1, with just a bit of CSS2 for the hover stuff (which IE does support). That menu CSS could probably replace half of the Java/Javscript/Flash on the internet. Less code with better fallback. In some cases CSS even looks better. Unfortunately, much of these features go unused right now, simply because IE doesn’t support them or handles them incorrectly.

If you continue to support a browser with a horrible security record, poor support for open standards, and poor implementation of many of the standards it does follow, that’s your choice. However, the fact that many users choose to use this poor browser means that websites I visit are developed using the “lowest common denominator”. I get to view pathetic websites because the authors need to support this product that so many people use. It does affect me. Therefore, you have to put up with this from me if you choose to use IE.

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