I’m a little bit famous again!

It happened again. I’m mentioned by someone more-famouser-than-me. This time it’s at WindowsDevCenter. It’s an article about filtering out web ads, and I’m mentioned on the second page for contributing a .reg file that added an option to IE to change one of the required settings for a PAC filter to work. Proxy Auto Configuration allows for dynamic proxy usage (i.e. use Proxy A for these URLs, but use Proxy B for those URLs), but IE doesn’t check the PAC file every time by default – it checks each server once, then always uses that result for anything else from that server. Obviously, that’s bad if you’re trying to keep good content from a server, but block ads and other junk on the same server. Also, the .reg file has been updated to a .inf file. Same thing, different format. It’s been a while since I even looked at these (since I only use IE when I’m forced to), but I believe the .inf adds an icon to the menu item also. Because MS changes the location of icons around inside files between different versions (i.e. #123 might be a globe in this version of the file, but #123 in the next version is a computer), it might not look right. I think I ended up with one that didn’t look too out of place for the menu option, but seemed to be consistent across a few versions. I make no guarantees though.

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