My latest crazy idea

I have a new project in mind. From all my research, nobody has done it yet, but many people would love to have it. I actually saw a post describing the method I plan to use, but I haven’t seen anyone attempt it yet.

I want to get RDP/Terminal Server working in Windows 2000 Pro. You can install the RDP client to connect to other servers, but that doesn’t help connections to that PC. You can install Terminal Services on Win2k Server, and WinXP Pro has its limited Remote Desktop server, but that doesn’t help in trying to connect to Win2k Pro. I have a few PCs at work that simply cannot be upgraded to WinXP. For some reason, NT4 drivers work on Win2k, but not XP. This device only has NT4 drivers. I found some Win2k drivers for the card (I think, it’s an obscure card to begin with), but they don’t work at all, even in Win2k. Dr. Watson said something about the driver creating an infinite loop. Neato! So anyway, I want to add the ability to RDP into Win2k Pro desktops one way or another…

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