Stop all URL spoofing

Wow, here’s another neat little trick I found while wandering the net. Verify URL. That’s a link to javascript:alert(‘The real host of this site is: ‘ + location.protocol + ‘//’ + location.hostname + ‘/’); so you can drag it to your bookmarks or toolbar or anywhere else it’s handy. A bookmarklet is when you create a bookmark out of a Javascript function. The bookmark always performs some function upon the current page, whether it’s incrementing a number in the URL (to go from page001.html to page002.html) or something more complicated. Anyway, this bookmarklet simply takes the protocol and hostname and echo them in a dialog box. Keep this shortcut handy, and use it whenever you’re wondering if you’ve been taken to a spoofed site.

Though I guess it’s a little late now, since Microsoft removed the most common type of spoofing by totally eliminating the ability to send usernames directly in URLs…

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