BartPE == teh win!!!111

Ok, finished up my BartPE CD last night. WOW! That’s all I can say. I copied the format of the Compaq Smart Array Driver plugin and created a plugin for the HighPoint HPT370 IDE RAID controller on my motherboard. Spent some time downloading the files needed for the plugins I wanted (it includes the interface stuff and instructions, but you have to get the actual files yourself), then let it make the ISO. I burned it to a CD, then restarted and booted off it.

It installed both my ethernet and HomePNA network cards, got an internet IP address via DHCP, Nero loaded up and included my CD-RW just like in my regular WinXP install, and I could access the NTFS partitions on my RAID drives. BEST BOOT DISK EVER!

Now I just have to get every util I’ll ever need added in, and I’ll be set.

I highly recommend this to anyone who can figure it out. It’s not AOL-easy, but it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone with moderate geekiness.

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