… is the Habeas press release about the recent wave of zombified PCs sending spam using the Habeas headers. If you’re unfamiliar with Habeas, you can get a license from them that allows you to embed their poem into your email headers. Spam filters are set up to allow any message with this poem in it to pass through. Your legitimate emails never get blocked by spam filters. As part of the license, you agree not to spam. Anyone caught spamming with the Habeas poem in their headers gets sued for devaluing their poem under existing and very enforcable copyright laws. You can read about their victories via this method further down on the press releases page.

If you get any messages which are obviously spam and use the Habeas headers, please report them using the form at Once these zombies are reported, the IP addresses can be added to Habeas’ list of infringers. This will put that IP address on a list of sources from which you shouldn’t accept the Habeas headers. If the spam filter is configured properly, this should cancel out the fact that they have the Habeas headers. If you can, check your spams for the Habeas headers and report any that are using it. This will make the system work better, and hopefully sue the crap out of the spammer responsible.

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